Could it Be?

I just got off the phone with the placement agency. Now that the holidays are over the people that they sent my resume to weeks ago have finally said they want to interview me. Yes, as soon as they can coordinate it around my temp work later this week I am going to finally have a real interview! About freakin’ time!

Crap. I have no idea what I’m going to wear!

By Christine

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YAYAY! i’m so happy for you! 🙂 i’m sending you good vibes…

(btw, if it looks like i’m hitting your site lots today – according to that new tracker you got installed – i’m not stalking you… well, not today, that is.)

Hey, here’s a tip for jobseekers far and wide — especially creative types looking for a place to earn good money, chill, and not get too burned out — seek work in state government.


I work at a state agency, spend most of my days looking annoyed (and therefore appear busy to most people since annoyance is usually mistaken for ‘business’), and know that my job — more or less — is pretty stable.

Just a tip. But state government is often overlooked. It’s a good place to perch. At least for a while.

Good luck on the interview, though.

Didion – i heard about the stability of state jobs… a few years ago, in one of my classes, i knew someone who worked for the post office and he said that it takes an act of congress to get you fired. so hey, you’re guaranteed a job for life!!! 😉

Well, the post office is federal. But state jobs usually have more variety. You do whatever you do in the “real world” — in private industry, whatever — but you generally have much better benefits, the pay is competitive, and the fact that you put in 37 hours a week instead of 40,50,60 makes a big difference.

I’m not sure about the post office. I know everybody talks about the post office like it’s some wacko hangout. But even if you assume it’s not a wacko hangout (which it may very well be, I have no idea) it still seems pretty ominous. Filled with drudgery.

I’m talking more about the state as a place to chill until the job market gets back in gear.

Of course the post office is a wacko hangout. I mean, didn’t you see Men in Black II? 😉 Sorry, I just couldn’t resist saying it! (And I should note that I’ve known many nice people that have worked for the post office!)

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