Could It Get Any Worse?

I spent hours at the office yesterday getting documents together, in order, and in boxes ready for FedEx to come and pick up. I scheduled the pickup. I confirmed the pickup twice. (I get a little paranoid like that.) I checked the boxes again before I left to make sure that FedEx could get them. I talked to the guys at the security desk for the building, explaining that FedEx would be coming some time around 6:00 pm (the time FedEx gave me on the phone.) They said it was no problem at all, as long as FedEx could get to the boxes they would let them in to pick them up. “Ok, so I don’t need to sign anything or do anything?” “No, we just have FedEx sign in and they can pick them up.” I left, headed home to get ready for the baby shower, and zoomed off to the south side of town for that.

Uh, only one problem.

FedEx didn’t pick the boxes up. When I go online to track them, there isn’t any record of them. I tried again, thinking it was just a matter of time for them to get in to the system. Nope, still nothing. Finally I got my pickup confirmation information out and called.

It seems that when FedEx showed up to get the boxes, there was no answer. Not clear if that means they buzzed to get in to the loading dock and their was no answer, or they called the office number for the firm, there was no answer, and they just assumed that they couldn’t get the boxes. Either way, they didn’t pick them up.

Craptastic. What am I going to do now? All of their drop off locations are closed on Sunday, so I can’t go and get them and take them to a drop off spot. They are just … sitting there. And I can’t do a damn thing. Spectacularly craptastic.

Update! 2:10pm – My co-worker called from the office – she had gone in to work to prep for a trial that is tomorrow. The lead attorney on the case that the boxes were for is there, and pointed out to her that FedEx didn’t come to get them. They called FedEx too, filed a complaint, and FedEx will be picking them up tomorrow, sending them out for first AM delivery on Tuesday directly to the office where the deposition is at, all at their expense. She was amused that I was checking on them from home, especially when I told her that I was trying to figure out what to do about them. All is good again…

By Christine

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Ugh!! I so despise FedEx. I have had that very same problem when they were supposed to deliver a package to me. I would track it and it would say they brought it but there was no answer. I was home that entire day and no one came to the door! The next time I waited and no one came. I left that night and found a note on the door saying they tried to deliver but no answer. No one rang the bell or knocked! GRRRRR!!!

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