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Courtesy of InfoSpace, yesterday’s horrorscope.

Courtesy of InfoSpace, yesterday’s horrorscope. I find it way too ironic, considering last night’s events…

Why are you holding on so tightly, Libra? You may be so intent on getting what you want that you haven’t even noticed that your knuckles are turning white and your hand is cramping. It’s necessary for you to loosen your grip on what isn’t yours to use. Later in the day, the Moon’s current Sign reminds you of other neglected obligations. Do your best to strike a reasonable balance with a difficult associate. The right gesture has the power to start this evening off on the right note.

I was pretty upset last night. Today is a whole new day. I understand. I am sad in a way but ok with it too. I don’t think his decision is written in stone, and I don’t know that I want it to work anyways. I think we could be friends, but I don’t know if I want us to be. I would have to see him dating others, etc. and I don’t know if I could do that. And the same goes for him. He has had a “taste” (like me) of a relationship without our issues. He isn’t sure if he wants to go back to the issues. Which I understand. I told him it hurt though because I felt like he was saying that I wasn’t worth it. But we ended up talking more and I realized that wasn’t how he felt – this has been a hard call for him too because he does care. He isn’t 100% w/ his choice, but feels that is the right route to go, “for now” to quote him. It goes back to what I said last week – that he has to come to me when the time is right for him, when he is motivated & has the desire. Right now there is a part of him that wants to work things out, but after 2 months of telling himself to move on he can’t stop & reverse that thinking immediately. I have been through similar thoughts although not the same. I am also not sure if I want the drama, etc. – I think we could do things better with counseling to help us overcome issues from our past but… Time will tell. I was consumed with fear from Aug. – Dec. – convinced it was just words that he wasn’t going to make reality. I said that last night – if I hadn’t broken up with him back in January we might be married by now. Ironic, huh? Then again, maybe not. He may have found more excuses… My vibe? That the latter is more likely, especially with my mood in January. I know I did the right thing by walking. I am still annoyed that he couldn’t pick up the phone “because I broke up with him.” Funny though, he says it was my e-mail in January that set all of that off – yesterday I found the e-mail that he sent that prompted my response. It wasn’t all me. I had forgotten all about his e-mail to me though.

So, time will tell. I am keeping all of my options open and going back to taking more time for me. I know things will all work out. I feel better also because I do feel some closure on the whole IO situation – before I felt like I had left things with so many loose ends. I don’t like that feeling. So at least I have more peace in that sense – it hasn’t all been in vain.

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