Ok, I give up. If anyone can tell me why suddenly when I go to “Save Image As” I am only allowed to save as a BMP file, and when I try to “View Source” I get NOTHING??? This is annoying. It started yesterday, when I was capturing the graphics to do my site makeover. Now today I am trying to view the source on a client’s site and it won’t let me!!! I even installed the latest version of IE, hoping that would fix my problem. Nope. Yesterday I uninstalled Quicktime, my most recent installation, hoping that might help. Nope. AURGHHH!

Anyone have any ideas? Please? Help? (And no, “install Netscape” is not what I want to hear right now. Hehehe) Yes, I am stuck on IE. I should have Netscape too so I can check sites when I design, but as far as work I want IE. Damn it. Help!

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As for your problem with saving pictures (I’m answering these out of order, for some reason), I can’t seem to replicate that at all, but if you do have IE6, then you could try turning on that “Image Toolbar” thing in the advanced settings, and see if saving pictures that way gives you more options. Not exactly idea, but a workaround, perhaps?

I have done numerous full power cycles because I am working on the laptop – so that has been done. That was actually my first “fix” attempt. (When in doubt, reboot.) I will try the View Source fixes. I can not save images off of any sites – my own, graphic sites, anything. It’s quite annoying and it is going to ruin my addiction.

Nice site!

As for the .bmp thing, I get the same problem after a while (only savable as ‘untitled’ bmp’s right?). Seems a simple deletion of temporary internet files sorts it out for me.

Internet Explorer Saves Images As Bitmaps (.bmp Files)
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When you save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image is saved by default as a bitmap (.bmp). You do not have the option to save the image by using an extension other than .bmp. You experience this behavior even when the image uses a different format (such as .gif or .jpeg).

For example, when you right-click an image on a Web page, and then click Save Picture As, the file name that appears in the File name box is Untitled, and the file type that appears in the Save as type box is Bitmap (*.bmp).
This behavior may occur if a damaged program file (for example, an ActiveX or Java object) is downloaded to the SystemRoot\Downloaded Program Files folder on your hard disk.
To troubleshoot and resolve this behavior, empty the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder, and then delete the files in the Downloaded Program Files folder that are listed as either Unknown or Damaged. To do so:
Start Internet Explorer (if it is not already started).
Empty the contents of the Temporary Internet Files folder. To do so:
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the General tab.
Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete Files.
When you are prompted to delete all temporary Internet files, click OK.

I did delete all temp IE files and checked out the files in the Downloaded Program Files folder. NONE of the files are reported as damaged or unknown and I still can’t save jpgs from webpages…..anything else to add??

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