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Day By Day…

I noticed that there was a free 2 week trial available for Netflix, so we decided to give it a try. Really, how could I resist once I discovered they had Godspell available?

Last Friday, we received The Butterfly Effect. Saturday, we received Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which some might say is my life story. No, not really – but it was a cute chick flick and fun to watch. Yesterday, Godspell finally arrived in the mail. (It was first in my queue, but being an older movie, I’m sure it had to come from some vault far, far away.)

Movies directly to you – how cool is that? However, it’s pretty expensive – I don’t think we’ll keep it past the trial period. It was just a nice way to finally get to see Godspell! (I checked every video store in Houston, with no luck.)

Good music, good stories, and Victor Garber as Jesus with a giant afro hairstyle. Could you ask for more?

Day by day… Day by day… Day by day by day by day by daaaaaayyyyy…

By Christine

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Do you have a Hollywood Video nearby? I think they have something similar going for $10 a month. I have mixed feelings about Netflix so far… damaged disks, not-so-quick shipping. We may cancel as well.

We have a Hollywood video just down the road, but we actually don’t rent movies very often. They have a $9.99 a month program, but it’s not for all of the movies, just certain ones. Normally the new releases – but since I was trying to find Godspell, that wasn’t any help!

So far no damaged disks, and the shipping has been very fast for most of them – but I think they have a shipping center in Houston, which speeds things up.

NetFlix has worked well for us. We haven’t ever had a damaged disk and they tend to arrive a day earlier than promised.

Now, what we like is pretty obscure (we have seen all the Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon Serials that were made, for instance), so it may be that they’re good with what we like, but we’re happy.

It’s the no late fees + no leaving the house that sold us on it.

You really think that Netflix is expensive? It’s one of those things that just varies by each family I guess. We are movie watchers so we tend to get one, watch it and return it in about 3 days. It’s worth it to us as there isn’t a really good rental place near us. Besides, just not paying late fees makes it worth it!

It wouldn’t be expensive if we did that a lot – but it’s pretty rare for us to rent movies. We normally just wait until they are on the movie channels on TV. I’ve watched more movies in the past week then I normally do in a month!

With the Hollywood Video down the street, if we continued a plan like this it would probably be through them. $23 a month is too much for us – but in a family where you rent movies all the time, it would definitely be worth it!

I used netflix for years… from way long ago before anyone knew who they were… in fact, I had been with them for so long I was grandfathered into a sweet rate!

I let them go a while back when money got tighter and time less available… I’ve honestly been thinking of re-registering what with my finicky film choices and lack of tv in the home at present!

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