Renovation Time

Decorating Update…

The heart border that used to be in our bedroom is gone. GONE! GONE! GONE!!!

Whew. Sorry for the exclamation point abuse, but I am simply that excited about it.

There was very little progress most of the day yesterday, since the dust bunnies attacked me Sunday night and I felt so miserable. A second dose of Clarytin (from the UK) and another round of Excedrin and I was finally able to get out of the sinus haze and function again. Taking down the remaining border only took me an hour.

Paint samples are up on the wall now, and I am being my usual indecisive self in trying to pick a wall color, there’s just so many home remodeling options. One is the exact same shade as the bedding. One is a shade darker. The bedding will not be directly on the wall, so they are not side by side. Is it best to go a shade darker? So the room isn’t all matchy-matchy? It is a huge room, so a dark color is not going to overwhelm it at all.

I would post photos, but the whole thing is a surprise for Mike since he left for the Hague (again) on Saturday. He has no idea what I’m doing in there. So I am limited on what I can give away here, unless I ban him from blog reading for the rest of the week. Hmmm…

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I agree with Karen. A shade slightly darker. Too much of the same doesn’t let anything stand out. Good luck with your personal choice, though! What a nice surprise when Mike gets home!

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