Digital Photography How-To: Building a Light Tent…

I am always looking for ways to take better photos, and pictures of my knitting that are really accurate in the colors are hard to do – but I think if I use these tips I might finally be able to do it! Digital Photography How-To: Building a Light Tent. [via BoogaJ]

Speaking of Booga J, my first Sophie bag is almost done – I worked on the strap while sitting at the tire shop yesterday. I have to study and finish another bootie, and then I’ll finally finish that strap. Hopefully, if I ask really nice, Katy will let me use her washing machine to felt it and I can use it next week! (I have one of those nice, cool washing machines that doesn’t agitate your clothes. Unfortunately, that also means it won’t felt my knitting.) I need to run my Booga Bag through one more time too, and then I’ll be all set for the fall!

Sophie is a fun, easy knit – I highly recommend it if you haven’t made one already!

By Christine

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