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Do You KnowSpam?

I’m soooo tired of getting spam. I get a lot of spam. Tons of spam. Sometimes a hundred messages a day of spam. SpamAssassin gets some of them, but not all. Thunderbird flags some of them, but not all. That leaves me spending a lot of time deleting spam. I hate spam.

I’m considering giving a try, but I would love some feedback first. Anyone KnowSpam? Love it? Hate it? Used it for a day and threw it away? Used it forever and can’t live without it? Tell me what you think… Help save me from the killer spam!

By Christine

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11 replies on “Do You KnowSpam?”

I used it and loved it. I manually filtered the mail on the site – I didn’t ask people to reply to a message to contact me. I still, within a week or two, managed to whitelist nearly everything and it became a very useful tool. I now use Gmail and it’s easier for me. But if I were to go back to POP email, Knowspam would be part of my arsenal!

I don’t know why, but I never get spam. ok, maybe one a month, if that. and we never get comment spam on our blog either. I think we’ve gotten one since we started it. it’s a mystery, I tell ya!

My accout at work has reached the point of “if I don’t use server-side spam flagging, mailwatcher, and Eudora filters” it’s overwhelming. The good thing is with these tools I can get rid of it quickly, but it still doesn’t stop it from showing up during the day, causing me to pause and see what new mail I have. I like to laugh at the days when it was exciting to have “new mail”!! Now, it’s, “oh crap, not more mail”.

I’m a fan of knowspam. It doesn’t take long before you have your whitelist, and then you don’t have to look at most of it.

Doesn’t help me when checking my mail at work (through webmail), though. But then, I shouldn’t be doing personal mail at work anyway 🙂

Have used it for nearly a year. Can’t live without it! I use it in conjunction with another technique: e-mail segregation. Or at least, that’s what I call it. Basically, when I register with a site, I give them a unique e-mail address… like: or

I have that e-mail address forward to my main address. Then, I just tell KnowSpam to let pass all e-mails that come to me via those names. That way, if ebay changes their “from” address, it’ll still pass. Sure, I could just give them my real address, and whitelist “” but then scammers would get in. If you do this extensively, your e-mail is quarantined. If one of the addresses gets “compromised” you can just delete it. This technique has made me spam free. You just have to make sure that the auto whitelist feature of knowspam isn’t your only line of defense… for instance, put a whitelisted address on your business card… some may think it rude to have their humanity verified when you handed them a card with the address IN PERSON.

Anyway, you should absolutely use the service. Another person who has used the service, and whose opinion I respect is Brad Choate. He’s actually how I discovered the service.

I haven’t even heard of knowspam but I’ve been using Ella (one of those learning spam crushers) and it blocks all of the spam I get, which is over 100 a day. I’m very impressed with it and I’m using the free version.

I’ve never heard of it either. I use Yahoo, which transfers spam to a bulk folder. It doesn’t work too well, and I still have to go through and filter out the good messages. I am going to look into knowspam, as I get over 200 spam emails a day… I must be on the wrong mailing list!

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