Does this Train Go To…

We got back into Houston about 9:40 last night, and I got home about 10:15 or so … and I was TIRED. I’m still tired. And congested now – I need to take some Claritin. But our meeting went really well, we got a lot accomplished, and that was the whole point.

The funniest thing happened at the airport in Atlanta yesterday morning though. When you arrive you have to go downstairs and get on a train that takes you to the terminal with the car rental places. There is only one place to get on the train, and it is only going in one direction. It makes a big loop, so if you get on a A and need to go to D you have to go around the line to get there. So we get downstairs and are waiting for it to arrive so we can go to the main terminal. An old lady comes up & asks if that train goes to “Terminal T”. I said “I’m not sure if that’s the next stop … let me look.” I look on the wall and it says “Next Station Terminal T” so I tell her yes, it goes there. Then she says, “Does this train go to Salt Lake City?” I thought she was joking. I almost asked her “Oh, are you going to the Olympics?” Then she repeated her question and asked if that was the right terminal to go to to get on the plane for Salt Lake. Uh, I dunno. Don’t have the gates for Atlanta memorized. Just then the train arrives and the doors open. There were 4 or 5 pilots on the train, so she asked them … “Does this train go to Salt Lake City?”

She & her husband got on, got off at the next stop. The pilots told them to “just stay with us” and lead them off. Meanwhile we stayed on until we got to the next stop where the rental cars were located at. And the rest of the day we laughed about the train that goes to Salt Lake City…

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