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Doesn’t Anyone Read?

White House lawyers have concluded that President Bush doesn’t need congressional approval to launch an attack against Iraq AUGH! Does no one read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights anymore? Isn’t anyone paying attention? Help me. Please. Someone hand me the Kleenex, I’m going to cry. Checks and balances, people. That is what our government is all about. Without it, we’re screwed. Last week I was in accident and one of my friends recommended to contact Florence SC Personal Injury Lawyers. [via Bears Cave]

“White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer told reporters Monday that the president enjoyed “constitutional prerogatives” when it comes to exercising military authority, but added that Congress has “an important role to play.” ” Yeah, the word ENJOYED is what scares me the most. I am also glad that he decided that Congress has an important role to play; here I thought we had resolved that back in the 1700’s.

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Apparently they read the Prostitution instead of the Constitution – it sounded happier and more pro-active. *sigh* I shouldn’t be allowed to enact my humor upon the world 😉

I hear you, Christine. I was watching a show earlier and everyone kept focusing on the letter of the law — i.e. whether or not it’s really “legal” to bypass congressional approval to launch an attack, etc.

To me, the big question for this Administration shouldn’t be “is it legal” but rather “is it the right thing to do.”

Like you, I find the whole thing very sad.

Actually, I think it’s a lot of legal posturing crap. If they think they’re going to act under the Sept. 14 resolution, it will be challenged as unconstitutional so fast their heads will spin. Such a challenge would likely be brought directly to the Supreme Court, and even if it had a chance with the current court, would be a very very bad move PR wise. Thus when Fleischer says: “The president knows that any decision he makes on a hypothetical congressional vote will be guided by more than one factor, more than legal factors alone,” it isn’t a legal decision in the sense of “can we do it” it’s a legal decision in the sense of, “do we really want to see the Sept. 14 resolution challenged in open court and take the risk.”

*sometimes wishes she didn’t understand political legal-speak*

Well, in the constitution, the President DOES have the right to take military action for a certain number of weeks. That’s designed to keep the country safe though, not galavant across the globe showing off our military might.

The REAL problem is WHY does Bush think he has the powers of a dictator … he’s not CEO of the US, he’s the (barely) elected President.

Somebody, somewhere, somehow needs to remind him of that!

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