Dog Days of Summer…

You Talking to Me?

I took Chloe to a TTouch training class a week ago, and afterwards we made a stop at Eleanor Tinsley Park so I could take skyline photos. As we walked through the park, I realized it was a great background for photos of Chloe. As I snapped more and more photos she got used to the camera being there (at least for the moment) and didn’t turn away like she usually does. These are some of my favorite shots from the day – you can view all of them larger on Flickr.

Chloe & I at the park Houston Skyline Chloe at the Park Dog Days of Summer
Bug View Disappearing Dog Will She Stop? Blink

By Christine

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She is a Bichon Frise. We’re growing her hair our right now, so she looks a lot like a Maltese in these shots. Plus they are related (I think) and always look similar. She is larger than most Maltese dogs I’ve seen – about 11 pounds.

I took them with my Canon G2. *sigh* How I dream of the EOS 10D…

Pamela, I almost didn’t. It was SO hot. I had sweat running down my face by the time I got back in the car. I was glad I had two bottles of water for Chloe & I to drink!

Next time, we’ll do the photo session in the fall when it is cool!

We were only outside from car to house to store, etc., and I thought I was going to melt! Of course, we can’t run and just jump into the car these days. We have to spend several minutes getting Olivia in and out of her car seat.

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