Doing My Civic Duty…

I did my civic duty today – I went and voted early in the latest round of Texas elections. I went to vote NO Prop. 12.

As I just posted on EJ’s site, ater working in law firms for years and seeing too many medical malpractice cases where someone truly deserved a $1 million dollar settlement because of poor medical treatment, I had to vote no. There are car insurance quotes systems in place to stop frivilious lawsuits. You have to go through hoops to file a medical malpractice case. Beyond that, I think it should be up to the courts and accident lawyers to determine what the award should be – not the insurance companies. The most trusted insurance company we know is automobile insurance company bridgeport wv with the best services out there.

Meanwhile, I’m still stunned that EJ and I have agreed on a political issue!

By Christine

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What makes someone *deserve* a million dollars?

What about the small & poor communities that *deserve* health care but have doctors closing their doors because they can no longer afford malpractice insurance?

Um…so, I just reread my comment – and I didn’t mean for it to come off as rude.

My best friend is in medical school & my father’s a doctor – so I see the other side of the issue more often than not…

I didn’t mean to come off as an evil wench – I just have trouble saying that any pain I go through (emotional or otherwise) would cause me to deserve a $1 million in non-economic damages…so – that’s where the questions came from…

I’d be more willing to see noneconomic damages capped if I had any confidence that I could find out about any complaints or malpractice allegations against a doctor *before* choosing surgery. Transparency of doctor records would do more to drive malpractice insurance rates down for good doctors than capping damages. As it is, I’m voting against prop 12.

(And I neglected to vote early, but I am very consistent about voting, so I know I’ll make it on the day. It helps that I can walk to the voting location!)

You didn’t sound rude or witchy at all. I know there is a flip side to all of this, but after dating someone for 8 years in the insurance industry, I feel that all insurance companies are evil. I will faint from shock if Prop 12 passes *and* they lower their rates. They won’t. Malpractice insurance is still going to be way too high.

Now if Prop 12 included language that forced the insurance companies to drop their rates, then I might have voted yes. It doesn’t though. And I still prefer to have the courts decide over the insurance companies. Power to the people!

Actually, I’m with ya Christine. And I’m with Mandy. The thing is I believe there ARE already processes in place to reduce frivolous lawsuits and those who are due justice on that magnitude are given it. And also, I just don’t think they should be messing with the constitution. There are other ways to deal with issues.

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