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Doing the iPod Shuffle…

Man, check out the new Apple iPod Shuffle. It is smaller than a pack of gum and weighs less than 4 quarters. (For reference, 5 quarters equals 1 ounce – it’s how you can quicly calibrate a scale.) It is small and sweet. It only holds 240 songs, but look at how tiny it is! And with a smaller pricetag than the iPod at $99. Man, that is seriously cool… [via Julie, who kept me updated on the MacWorld keynote via IM.]

By Christine

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14 replies on “Doing the iPod Shuffle…”

well, the $99.99 is only the 512 MB and it can only hold 120 songs. the 1GB shuffle is $149.99 and it can hold up to 240 songs. the mini is 4GB and $249.99. you can quadruple the space for only $100.00 more.

honestly, i never felt the need to have one. i don’t know why. i can listen to the same CD on repeat (which is normally what i do when i do long driving but i didn’t want to bore you with listening to the same song or make your ears bleed with my singing.) LOL

Kathy, if I used one it would be for something like walking, exercising, etc – when a CD wouldn’t be an option. Plus I have a lot of stuff in mp3 format that I don’t have on CD – I rarely if ever buy CDs. Mike uses his all the time to listen to podcasts and stuff like that – so for him, it’s not about music.

I won’t be buying one – I don’t really need one – but come on … it’s so darn CUTE!

I so want this! If I didn’t already have an ipod i’d get this. So cool! Perfect for the gym, which is what I use mine for 99% of the time since I can’t get it to work in the car.

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