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Fair Warning…

Sunny Sky

On the left, we have the London Eye. The tall building in the background is Shell Centre, where Mike will have some of his meetings next week. The building on the right is the Westminster County Hall. Where the Marriott we are staying at is located. RIGHT next to the London Eye. Right across the river from Big Ben and Parliament.

It is going to be all London Eye and Big Ben, all day, all night.

Two of my favorite things to take pictures of. Consider yourself warned.

There will be knitting related photos too – my socks will be Trekking Along with me, and I’ll be visiting with the Angelknits group (pub knitting!) and the Liberty Rowanettes. I might even get to meet up with my podcasting inspiration, Brenda Dayne.

From County Hall

By Christine

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Yay London! Let me know when you get back, though, ‘kay? I want to manage to meet up for something before my kids come home.

Also, I had to come go SQUEEEE at you for a second, because my pattern went live today at! I’m psyched.

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