Family Near and Far…

I woke up this morning and the kidney stone pain was worse then it has been, but thanks to the joys of modern medicine I was able to go with my parents & Jason over to Beaumont to see my cousin Jeanette, her husband Brad, her kiddos, and my Aunt Marge & Uncle Ron who are down visiting from Minnesota. We had a really nice lunch and a great time visiting. It was a really good day. When we saw Marge & Ron this summer on the 4th of July it was a little bit shorter visit and there were more people around – so less time to visit it seemed.

I was so amused when they shared with us this joke that my great aunt (about 80 years old or so) told one day. Seems she was quiet, not really saying anything. She doesn’t talk a whole lot. And out of nowhere she said “Did you know they caught that Bin Laden guy? Yep, they dropped Viagra all over Afghanistan and the prick stood right up.” …yeah, now you know where the sense of humor comes from! Hehehe…

By Christine

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