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For That, You Lose Your Geek Button…

I was on my way home from work when I called my Dad to let him know I would be there in a few minutes to pick up Jason. He pointed out that there was the last Boy Scout meeting of the school year tonight, and they were heading out for that. I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to head to the theater to see The Matrix Reloaded.

I struggled to get through The Matrix, having owned the DVD for two years before I even tried to watch it. I feel asleep twice, finally making it through to the end on the third try. It was good, but in that blah sort of way. Like vanilla ice cream is good. I probably ruined it by knowing way too much about the movie – I just wasn’t intrigued by it.

Matrix Reloaded? Reloaded kicked ass. I won’t bother giving my review of it or anything like that – you can read it on all of the other sites. Instead I’ll tell you how Mike lost the right to wear the Geek Button after tonight.

He met me at the theater. It was pretty empty until just before the movie started, and then it filled up. People were bringing in toddlers – what the hell? I was worried that it would be too racy or violent for Jason to see – and he’s 11. But a 4 year old? Or a 7 year old? Come on people…

Ok, back to the point of my story. We sat, we watched, we were mesmerized. The movie ended and the theater started to clear out. I was feeling smug because my co-worker told me the morning after it opened that when I went to see it I had to stay until the very, very end. I knew about the trailer for the third film – but none of the other people knew about it. Ha! I am superior! (Ok, so about 10 other people stayed for it, but they can be superior with me.) However, while I was sitting there feeling so smug and wondering if I should just yell out at everyone that there was a trailer coming up, Mike started to move.

Yes, he was going to leave before the trailer. For that, he loses his Geek rights and his Geek Button.

I kept laughing about it as we left the theater. He had honestly forgotten about the trailer – he knew about it ahead of time – and that just cracked me up. He finally looked at me and said, “You’re blogging this as soon as you get home, aren’t you?” Ohhhhhh, yeah. He’s just lucky that I didn’t feel like typing all of this out on the cell phone and blogging it from the car!

I just looked at him and said, “I am so blogging this!”

Good movie, but really – could those credits have possibly been any longer? I swear, I think they even included the guy that brought bagels to the set each day!

Photo taken with my Sanyo 8100 phone and posted to my Moblog as the movie started. I wear my Geek Button proudly.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I’m a big old dork, but I always stay and watch the credits of movies. I’m usually all by myself in the theatre, but it’s just something I do! Maybe when I finally get around to going to Matrix there’ll be more people in there than just me.

Jay and I usually stay through the credits, too, but it’s mostly so we can make fun of people’s names.

And I was the complete opposite — I thought the first Matrix ROCKED, and I pretty much fought back sleep throughout the second, giving in about a half hour before the end — which was apparently the only part of the movie I needed to stay awake for.

They usually do include that guy with the bagels … no, I’m serious. 🙂 I love it when humorous movies make fun of themselves in the credits – like I think The Naked Gun had a recipe for brownies in the credits, along with other stuff. Or maybe it was Hotshots … now if you had been wearing that Thinkgeek shirt at the time, you wouldn’t have even had to respond to his question. 😉

I too experienced that geeky smugness with knowing that there was more to come at the end of the credits. I just watched everyone leave with this little smirk on my face. Like the “You are going to kick yourself that you left early when you find out what you missed.”

Glad to see I’m not the only Reloaded credit dork 😉

When we went to see Reloaded last week, our group of seven was the only group to bother staying for the trailer – and two of us had already seen the movie twice.

Since we had about ten minutes of credits to get through, we started shouting out our confusion at everything the Architect said.

Now I have to see the third film… even if I did make fun of the trailer. “Fighting! Kissing! Hugging! Death! Running! Jumping! Loving! More fighting! Enter the Matrix!”

Sorry, I just woke up. I’m a little not awake yet 😉

The big question is – did you understand what his choices were at the end? I’m STILL not sure I get it. (duh! I even read the transcript… nope. Still doesn’t make sense…) As for credits – we noticed they had a credit for “Mrs. Pinkett-Smith Driver”… what is this – driving miss daisy??!! And she was like such a sub-character. Did she even have a full 10mins of screen time? No one would have even cared about her character if she wasn’t already a celeb.

ROFL! I pointed out Mrs. Pinkett-Smith’s Driver too! That’s too funny. Did I get his choices when he met the Architect? Sure. If he went through one door, he could end the war. If he went through the other, he had a chance to save Trinity. He was different from the 5 that had come before him because he had felt love – and that influenced his choice.

Where is the transcript at? There was a really cool quote from Morpheus right after they arrived at Zion that I tried so hard to remember, but couldn’t. I would love to find it!

I read in EW that the credits were something like 10 minutes long!! But didn’t you like that Dave Matthews song that was playing during the credits? I just downloaded it on Kazaa the other night.

okay – i don’t have a geek button to lose but i didn’t know they promo’d the 3rd installment at the very end. i’ve been very good at avoiding spoilers. i just keep hearing about the highway (?) scene but i stick my fingers in my ears when that conversation starts. thanks for the tip. i’ll stay until the end.

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