Fraternal Twins

Fraternal Twins

Whoo hoo! I finished the Jaywalkers tonight! They are knit out of Trekking XXL in color #109. I used a US 000 needle, but I always have to go down 2 sizes, so most people would use a US 0 for this yarn.

My notes on these socks:
– The pattern is easy to memorize and not hard to stitch. However, the “slip two together” part sucks when you’re using yarn that is futzy and likes to split.
– 76 stitches on US 000 are a LOT of stitches.
– Trekking XXL yarn is fabulous (except for the splitting issue sometimes), but remember to use one end of the ball and for the second sock, use the other end of the ball. This is the 2nd time I have used Trekking XXL and it always seems like the second sock almost ends up with a “pattern” otherwise. One sock is heathery and blends the colors, the other sock has more distinct stripes.
– Use of Trekking XXL isn’t for the faint of heart. There is no pattern to the yarn. Your socks will never match. Accept it or use different yarn.

Now I’m going to work towards finishing my Rosie’s Yarn Cellar shawl. It is supposed to be a “cooler” week as far as the weather – highs in the upper 60s and lows in the 40s and 50s. If I get it done quickly, I might even get to wear it! I am definitely planning on wearing my new socks tomorrow!

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I love, *love* the look of Trekking (especially that 100 colorway *huge sigh*), but the idea of #0 needles sends me into palpitations. I’m using #2 for my current socks and they’re bad enough. Perhaps I could handle it with Magic Loop…

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