FreeiPods for Everyone!

I’ve already met my FreeiPod requirements, but I have some friends that haven’t. If you still haven’t signed up and you are interested, can you help them out?

Kevin’s link –
Meryl’s link – On a side note, Meryl had a Cochlear Ear Implant done shortly after the birth of her last child. She is hoping to get an iPod to help her out with the implant, but since her husband has been out of work for over a year now, it’s not an expense she can afford. However, you can help her earn one by signing up.

Once they have met their requirements, I’ll replace this with other links. If you want a tip on which offer to do, go for eBay! It’s free!

By Christine

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want to add my link next? (Note: I edited this comment. I’m not going to have a zillion referral links in my comments, as that sort of defeats the purpose. I already have a long list of links to share.)


Just a note… not free ipods for “everyone”…

Free ipods for yankees perhaps, but that is most definately not everyone! πŸ™

Ahhwell, one can only hope that sumday american businesses will offer free promotions to the international market.

Prolly be hopeing for a long time eh?


So does anyone know of anyone who has actually recieved a free ipod yet? I am trying to get one myself, but wonder if it is really even worth it. Thanks!

Hey.. I’m posting on random places.. and I would appreciate getting this free ipod by nov 11.. my girlfriend’s birthday.. and I would REALLY love to give this to her. Can anyone please help me?

So here’s the deal everyone:

My name is Aaron Couch and I’ve just signed up on and I need 5 referrals! I know you don’t all want to waste your time with this, os I am offering $5 to everyone who completes a referral!! Just send me an e-mail at with your e-mail address and I PROMISE that I’ll send you $5 via PayPal (as long as you have a PayPal account that is.)

So agian I PROMISE $5 to the first 5 people who do this for me! (Just sign up for the offer, and cancel immediately and you won’t be charged; I did it and it worked fine!)


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