Fun in the Sun!

We got a late start heading out for Galveston, but that’s ok. I like to spend a ton of time down there, so we normally stay until the evening. Chelsey is one of those people that goes at 8am and is home at noon. Not me. It’s about an hour & a half to get down there, so I would rather arrive there at 1pm and stay until 8pm. Before we headed out I had thought of different things we could do and see while we were down there. What did we end up doing? Nuthin’, and it was GREAT. I asked Jason which beach he wanted to go to as we crossed over the big causeway bridge. We could go to the West end of the Island, which is a long drive out but it’s normally pretty quiet. Because of the way the tides come in, the shells on the West end are larger I think. The next choice was Stewart Beach. You have to pay to go there, and the only perk is that there is a nice big building with bathrooms, a snack bar, a gift shop and so forth. Oh yeah, a chance to spend more money! The final option was to just pull up along the Seawall and find ourselves a nice sandy spot to enjoy – and that’s exactly what we did!

The weather was perfect. The temperature was cool enough that with the breeze coming off the water it was “just right” but when there was a cloud that hid the sun I was actually a little cold. The water was a little cool, but once you got over the initial shock it was nice. It was also pretty clear, which anyone who has ever been to Galveston can tell you is unusual! No, no, not the beautiful blues of the ocean along the Riviera or in Cancun – it still had the lovely brownish hue of the Texas Gulf Coast. It just surprised me when I realized I could look down into the water and see my feet for a change! It was sunny the whole time we were there, but we came home sunburn-free. (The 45spf sunblock helped Jason, but I didn’t put any on.)

Jason built sand castles and played in the water while I relaxed and read my book and kept a close eye on him. We collected seashells. We tried to fly a kite, but it wasn’t quite windy enough. It would take off and then dive bomb in to the ground. We saw someone flying a kite when we first got to the Seawall, so I don’t know if it was because the wind died down or the style of our kite. We got a new one that looked like a giant ship with masts and everything! We had a back-up kite too – a more traditional one. We probably should have tried that one.

The beach wasn’t crowded at all – we pretty much had a spot all to ourselves. Amazing how the place clears out by 5pm. After that we pretty much had an entire beach to ourselves! When I noticed the sun was starting to get lower in the sky (I didn’t take my watch down to the beach with me) we took the stuff back to the car and then walked out on the jetty. I snapped some pictures throughout the day – I’ll pull them off the camera this weekend and try to get some of them posted.

On the way home I stopped at Target. Why? I had to add to my flip-flop collection, and I *love* the cherry flip-flops that Robyn has, so now I have some too! I tried on the strip ones too, which match my bathing suit but the toe post was too short so they hurt. I also tried on the flower ones – I didn’t even realize she had those in that photo – but decided to stick with just the cherry sandals since that’s what I went there for originally. Now Robyn & I can be footsie twins separated by 5 states!

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That sounds like a slice of heaven. I can’t wait for NY to warm up a bit so that I can take my nephew to the beach for the first time. It’s going to be a good summer.

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