Gays in Boy Scouts

I have to agree with the boy that said “I think discrimination within the Boy Scouts gets rid of the whole concept of what the Boy Scouts are all about,” in this article. I was not surprised when I read that “In anger or sadness, some have simply walked away, considering Boy Scouts no better now than a whites-only country club. Earlier this spring Steven Spielberg, a former Eagle Scout, ended 10 years on the advisory board, saying he could no longer serve a group that practices “intolerance and discrimination.”” I will leave my son in Scouts for now, but I do not agree with their stance on this situation. If they start to question whether or not someone is gay, what is next? As as single mom are they going to start questioning my sexual behavior? And then what? I just see so many problems with their theory and I was happy to read that they are losing support of schools, etc. where they used to get many things for free or have preferential treatment.

By Christine

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