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He's Got the Orlando Glow!

This weekend, Houston will have runoff elections to select a new mayor for the city. Lee Brown is out *wild cheer from the crowd* and either Bill White or Orlando Sanchez will be in. Of course there are commercials running this time around, but they are trying to court the voters that voted for Sylvester Turner in the November elections, so they have been pretty low key. I’ve been really bummed and upset that I haven’t seen the one with Orlando Sanchez glowing like Jesus on Easter morning. Fortunately, I was able to snap the above photo of it off the Tivo to preserve a memory. See how everyone around him, no matter what their race is, is dim in comparision to him.

Really, does anyone else have a glow like that? Barbara Walters gets to have that lovely soft filter effect when she’s on TV, and Orlando? He gets the Orlando Glow

By Christine

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in that snapshot, it’s so obvious that they cut and pasted people in the background! i’m sure he’s walking, but that background ain’t moving! like the chick to his immediate left… her head looks detached from her body! then again, it may be the resolution of my monitor…

that is too funny! as someone who loves politics as much as she loves football, i detest political ads. they are always so cheesy and only pander to those that don’t know what the issues are anyway. and we have the big guns coming our way in the next few weeks. ugh! stay off of my tv and give me more of the gap ad with the relaxed fit jeans – that man is yummy! 🙂

They don’t look so “pasted” in the actual ad – I think it’s just because of how I photographed my TV. In the real ad, they are obviously walking alongside him. I was amused that the token white female in the shot is glowing though, along with Orlando.

It’s too bad you can’t see his cheesy eyeliner in those shots…

I hate those annoying Barbara Walters celeb interviews — they usually appear gauzy and totally filtered. The worst offender is Streisand. She *always* looks like that when she gives her annoying official interviews.

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