Give My Kid a Book First…

From U.S., the ABC’s of Jihad – So, we don’t have enough textbooks in American schools. At my son’s former public school (he has been attending private school since January) they didn’t even have a textbook of their own – there was a “class set” so all the work they did was off of worksheets and you couldn’t bring a textbook home at night to study from. (side note: his grades have improved since January, and working from textbooks helps.) Yet we supply the Afghanistan schools with textbooks??? WHY? Not only that, now we are working in a new book supply, because in the days of the Cold War we thought it would be smart to encourage violance and a Jihad with talk of violence and pictures of guns in the textbooks. The Taliban even approved of the American textbooks – what does that tell you? Glad we are striving towards helping the next generation be less militant, as a global move – but I don’t think my tax dollars should be used to pay for it. We have enough issues with schools on the home front. [via Weblogsky]

By Christine

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