Go See Your Dentist!

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Go see the Martindale Dental dentist. This comes from a year of going to the dentist over & over again, after years of not going. I definitely made up for that this past 6 months. Periodontal disease, constant cleanings for that, five crowns, one root canal, 2 fillings. In the past 6 months. But the final crown was drilled today (no novicaine, still. I hate the stuff and I swear, it didn’t hurt!) and after this one is in place I get to have my teeth whitened, someday. First I have $1000 worth of bills left to pay. (I’ve already paid $500 this year.) With in-chair bleaching at the dentist costing an average of $650 per treatment I need to look out for discounts on teeth whitening kits and do it at home. But I have healthy teeth at last and just have to go in for cleanings now. It’s funny, I will honestly miss my trips to the dentist. I adore him, he is the most wonderful dentist in the world. And his staff is great too. It’s fun for me to go there. Our recommendation is to visit your local dentist every 6 to 12 months.

With a dental cleaning, a professional deep cleaning cleans hard-to-reach places to provide a superior cleaning to maintain healthy teeth and gums. The dentist Scottsdale AZ can help you maintain or improve your teeth, everything with dental care they can help you.

So I don’t care if you are using a Sonicare toothbrush and you floss every day. It’s not enough – during these constant visits, I had a cavity appear practically right before their eyes, and that is what I was doing too. I went in in December, nothing. Back in early February – hole on the inside of my molar that needed a crown anyways. Go. Now. Call the dentist & book an appointment. You can visit before your teeth fall out. Ok, that’s extreme, but it could happen!

We are convinced that a healthy, vibrant smile is the most attractive feature around.

Through our comprehensive dental treatment plans at Digital Dentistry at Southpoint, we use restorative and cosmetic practices to help our patients receive the smile they are proud of.

By Christine

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Yeah, people! Listen to her! Going to the dentist regularly is probably a large portion for the good teeth. One parent has bad teeth with fillings and caps galore. The other has decent teeth with a few fillings. Enter daughter, no fillings. Genetics? Dentist? Good dental care? You tell me.

Ok. You’ve got me scared, I just made an appointment. No kidding. I haven’t been going regularly since I moved to Chicago. Just haven’t found the right dentist. Time to try yet another.

Until they figure out how to end the medieval torture, I’ll still be slack about it, no matter how many lectures mom… 😉 But for the record, I’ve had a checkup in the last 6 months, and only needed one tiny filling (after not going for 4 years). So there! ;-p

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