Grumble… Grumble…

I have freakin’ hives. Again. I itch all over, although the spots themselves are better than they were last time and I don’t have as many. Claritin has helped some, but not enough.

Last time the hives were followed by me being sick as a dog for over a week. I really, really, really hope that is not the case this time.

Grrr… freakin’ hives.

By Christine

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Have you had a doctor check out your hives? Hives can be a sign of an auto immune disorder like thyroiditis or something else. You might need steriods to get your hives to go away for good. I have had severe hives for awhile now and there are lots of treatment options. The doctors do usually like to see you when you have a good breakout going on.


have you ruled out a food or drug or another allergen that could be causing them? have you had allergy testing done lately? I went in and had a ton done and found out I was allergic to a lot stuff that I had no idea about (yeast, dark chocolate, fire ants, roaches). it was rather enlightening. I’m getting allergy shots now to build up my immune system.

I had allergy testing done back in January. However, as they pointed out, you can technically become allergic to anything at any time. Fun, huh? Anyways, I didn’t eat anything unusual within the 24-48 hours before the breakout, so – while not ruling it out – we don’t think that is what it is. At least not yet.

Today I have that horrid hacking cough I had last time. Not constant, but when it happens it is bad. I’m getting worried…

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