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Guilty Pleasures…

Yesterday, Robyn and Todd talked about movies that are your guilty pleasures. You know … the ones you are ashamed to admit that you like, but you are more than happy to watch over and over again.

For me, it isn’t movies. I have no qualms about admitting the fact that “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is still one of my all-time favorites. Oh no, for me … it is something much worse. It is music. Music that will make you cringe. Music that will make you laugh at me because it’s the music that makes me happy. And today one of my guilty pleasures was satisfied…

Kymberlie and I went to Costco earlier, and while I was there, I spotted the BEST CD! I just had to have it. No, seriously. I didn’t even think twice about picking it up. Didn’t care about the price. I just had to have it.

“Bee Gees – Their Greatest Hits – The Record”

Yes. I am serious. I am listening to “Jive Talkin'” right now. It has all the hits for “Saturday Night Fever” too – “Stayin’ Alive”, “How Deep is Your Love”, “More Than a Woman”, “You Should be Dancing” … oh, I love this CD.

Yes, yes … you can laugh at me now. I don’t care … Jive Talkin’ …

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Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory does not qualify as a “guilty pleasure”. It’s a children’s classic. (From the Roald Dahl book, for God’s sake.) A “guilty pleasure” should be something that was meant to be good, turned out trashy, and became so trashy with time, that it becomes good to laugh at. The ultimate backhanded compliment.
Bluebeard, starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welsh, and Joey Heatherton … now *THAT’S* a Guilty Pleasure.

Awww BeeGees aren’t so bad to admit liking nowadays. They’ve undergone a bit of rehabilitation since the Disco Sucks days. What’s really challenging now is to admit ever liking 80’s Hair Bands.

My guilty pleasure is Rush. Every time I crank up Passage to Bangkok my wife looks at me all, “What are you, like fourteen again?” Yes, yes, that’s the point. Brush off the air guitar!

Actually, to be quite honest, the Oompa Loompas – to this day – give me nightmares. Not the concept of the oompa loompas, but the idea of psychotic orange midgets with lime green hair singing psychotic little songs with psychotic little faces.


[And I’ll watch Tron until the cows come home. Please tell me *somebody* else remembers this movie.]

Come on – Willie Wonka, the movie version, is wonderful and awesome but soooooo cheesy at the same time! The colors, the hair, the songs… the Oompa Loompas! (I love the Oompa Loompas, personally) I *begged* for it as a birthday present last year though because I love it so much.

Annessa, Abba rocks. Caroline singing Abba must be wonderful. I think you need to capture it on film.

Mike, I remember Tron. Haven’t seen it in years, but it was wonderful. How about War Games? I watched that with my son a few months ago and just cracked up! The computers! But it’s still a great movie.

How deep is your love … is your love … how deep is your love … I really need to know …

Cody – does Rush really count as a hair band? To me, the hair bands know 3 chords and all of their songs sound alike. However, I own the “Moving Pictures” album, and it’s still wonderful. Today’s Tom Sawyer …

Didn’t mean to associate Rush with Hair Bands. Rush is a guilty pleasure because, at least for me, it’s so… so… adolescent. I’m supposed to like grown up rock like Radiohead and the Hives now.

Guilty Pleasure:

“Freestyle” music (at least that’s what we call it down here)

Best Example, Stevie B

“I remember when we first met….
Spring Love…..come back to me”

Someones has gots to have heard that one…

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