Hack, hack, hack…

I had to go to someone’s house today that smokes inside their house. A lot. Ack. I couldn’t help but cough when I left. I still smell the smoke, and I was only in the house for 3 minutes. Blech.

By Christine

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EW! Do your clothes and hair smell of smoke? I get watery eyes and cough a lot when I go near smoke…didn’t use to be that way. It bugs me a lot more now. We would go to shoot pool and I would have to shower and wash my hair when we got home!

I am ever so grateful that more and more states have passed smoking bans in bars and restaurants. Mike is allergic to cigarette smoke, and I just can’t stand the smell.

Massachusetts and Maine have such laws…and when we went to Cooperstown, NY, we were pleased to see that New York State has the same law. That meant that we did not have to get smoked out to see the Sox beat Anaheim at the local sports bar! Yayness!

Well, I am not a smoker, nor a fan of smoking but I *do not* agree that it should be banned in bars. What right do we have? I can understand a restaurant – that is open to minors, elderly, all ages and you don’t really have much of a choice. But a bar? Those who choose to go to bars are all adults and have rights and choices. The solution to those who don’t like the smoke? Open non-smoking bars. If there are enough people who go, they’ll stay open. If there aren’t, then maybe you guys aren’t in the majority thinking yet and last time I checked, a democracy works off of majorities.

Here’s a great analogy – if we ban smoking in bars, then we should ban drinking too. I mean, think about it. Drinking causes major health damage and drunk drivers endanger lives every day, just like smoking does and just like second hand smoke poses a health risk to non-smokers. In fact, drunk driving kills a lot more people than second hand smoke. But prohibition was already tried once and it failed miserably.

What it all boils down to is to make those who smoke or drink be responsible about it – not prohibit it. That is no what this country was founded on. If you smoke and knowingly endanger your life (because c’mon, *everyone* in this day & age knows smoking is harmful) then your health benefits should be restricted. If you drink & drive and get into an accident, the book should be thrown at you. You kill someone, life sentence then.

Point is, they have a choice to kill themselves slowly – you have a choice to not be around it. We all have free will and I don’t really appreciate the government stepping in and micro-managing me.

I will reiterate I only think this way about restricted places like bars – even pool halls if they are over 21 (or over 18 – which is when you are legally allowed to smoke anyway).

I’ve already shared e-mails with Elaine about this, but thought I would post it here too. I don’t agree entirely about the drinking/smoking analogy. First and foremost, drunk driving kills people. On top of that, if I’m in a bar and you walk up beside me and drink a beer, it doesn’t effect me at all – unless you’re really drunk and decide to kick my ass. On the other hand, if you walk up beside me and start smoking, it will trigger my allergies so bad it normally takes me 2 days to recover.

So if a bar wants to go smoke-free, I think that is great – and I’m probably more likely to visit them. But I just don’t think it should be a law for bars or pubs. Restaurants, maybe – but not bars. I sort of know what I’m getting in to when I walk in to those places. (Explaining why I don’t go to them often – my allergies just can’t handle it.)

i don’t have allergies, but when i’m around smoke, my eyes burn and it doesn’t take long to get them to burn. i don’t mind it if people smoke as long as i’m in an open area (like an outside patio) when it is done.

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