Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Posting has been light this week. It has been a bit crazy around here, and it isn’t over yet. One more week to go, as I wrap up a contract project that I’m loving – it just takes me away from blogging and other things! But I couldn’t let today go by without a public shout out to Jason, who turns 15 today.

Fifteen. Wow. It is hard to believe, and while he still seems like a “kid” at times, I keep reminding myself that in just over three short years he will be going off to college. In one year, he will be legal to drive. He officially has a razor now – the facial kind, not the phone kind – although he is not up to shaving daily. Yet. He is a great kid, and I’m so very proud of him. Sometimes I really wish he wasn’t growing up so fast, and other days I am impressed with the man he is becoming.

We had dinner with my parents last night to kick off the birthday weekend. Today we went to see the Lager Rhythms at Mojo Risin’, and then we came home to pick up his friends Ryan & David. Then the guys headed out for laser tag, and now they are back here playing Xbox and the Wii. It has been a good day!

By Christine

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What? No 15 year old photo? Happy Birthday Jason! Oh, and your mom was only kidding about the driving. Turns out the law changed and you have to be 18 now. Did you forget Christine?

Okay Christine, but now YOU have to come up with the insurance for a 15 year old driver AND suffer all the worry that you will be cursed with as soon as he is out of your sight in YOUR Honda. I was just tryin’ to help you out. Just because he CAN drive at 15, doesn’t mean he MUST. I only say this cuz I been there.

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