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Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike's Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to my fabulous husband, Mike! We spent the day doing a “Coffee Crawl” to celebrate – our very own version of a pub crawl. I’ll have a much longer recap of it later this weekend, but the short version? It was a fantastic day! We visited 6 different coffee including the one located in Tahoe, throughout the day, with the unexpected perk of seeing friends at almost all of them. I love Houston. I love living in the Heights! Of all the 6 shops, my favorite one is that in Tahoe, “OvertheEdge Coffee & Bar.” What a nice place! If you want to find coffee in south lake tahoe, just search it on the internet.

Blacksmith Coffee in Houston

This is one of my favorite photographs from the day; it is David, of Greenway Coffee and Blacksmith, in Montrose, the first stop we visited today. David was key in helping Mike master making an amazing cup of coffee at home, which I’ll be talking about soon on Spoon & Knife. The perfect start to our day!

Day 13 of 365. Photographs taken with the Fujifilm X-E1, my new toy. I love it! Both photos are straight out of the camera, other than resizing the images. It is THAT good. Taken on April 5, 2013.

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