Hard Work Pays Off…

Time for School

Jason brought home his progress report today for the six weeks grading period. I know have proof that all of our hard work, sweat, tears (both his and mine) and everything else has paid off. Because Jason has an A in Geography. A class that he had a grade much lower than an A in for the first two grading periods. Maybe the fact that I pointed out that summer school was the only option if he failed the class helped? Or the fact that I study with him for every quiz – which isn’t going to work in a few years. Whatever it was, his entire progress report was better. I am tickled pink about the A in Geography though. Seriously giddy.

When I called Mike to tell him, he was honestly speechless for a second.

Now I can only hope that he keeps it up for the next two weeks and does as well at the end of the grading period. I know he can do it, but whether or not he will is a completely different question.

By Christine

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congrats — dealing with my own 11 yo underachiever has made me delirious when it comes to homework. I want to take a spork to my eyes when it comes time to review assignments and such. Nobody ever sat on me to do my homework, and part of me refuses to sit on him to make him do it. But then Hub starts the “but he’ll never get into honors, and if he doesn’t get into honors he won’t get into college, blah, blah, blah..” and then we’re all stressed. ugh.

anyway. Hooray for Jason.

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