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Have Some Deep Impact!

Sometimes it’s the little things that amuse me the most. Want to have be a part of a Deep Impact? Then Send Your Name to a Comet! Fill out the form with your name, and NASA will add it to the impactor spacecraft that will collide with Tempel 1. How cool is that? [via Theresa]

By Christine

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7 replies on “Have Some Deep Impact!”

is there no end to the friviloties that we will engage in? is this completely necessary? if someone has that much money to waste, then how about contributing to a food bank, or an AIDS hostel or something.

But it didn’t cost me anything to do it? Or do you mean the fact that we’re sending something to explore a comet?

As for NASA’s end of the deal, they’ve done this on several programs in the past. It’s PR to keep the public interested in the space program. I like to do it for Jason, so that he’s interested in studying space and science.

Well, I’m sure somewhere along the lines someone does pay – NASA. Which translates to our tax dollars. Which is probably money that could be used elsewhere in some way. However, I still like the feeling of blasting my name into space, and it keeps me interested in the space program. So I guess there are two different ways to look at it…

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