Help Make Me Number 1!

GAH! Until I few weeks ago, I was #2 in Google for my name, Christine. Yes, just my first name. At one point in time I was actually #1 in Google, but I’m ok with a movie beating me out of my spot. Then Wikipedia knocked me out of #2 sometime over the past few weeks. Now? Now I’m hanging on to third place, and I want to move back up!

Won’t you help make me number 1 again? Or even number 2. I’m ok with number 2. I don’t want to slip further down though. It is a matter of geek pride, or something like that. Just write a post and link to me as Christine. Or if you link to me in your sidebar as BigPinkCookie, put a “Christine” at the end or change it. Anything helps.

Together, we can do it! Lets make me #1 again! (Let me know if you do it, so I can help you out too!)