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Hey Naomi! Look! An All

Hey Naomi! Look! An All Your Base Are Belong to Us T-Shirt on the LittleYellowDifferent Guy. (February 27, 2001 post) Too funny. Here I had never heard of it before last week, and now it is popping up where I least expect it.

Kymberlie & I went to the Duran Duran concert tonight at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. It was a blast. The funnel cake was fabulous – I can’t wait until I return and have another! The ride to the Dome was nice and smooth. And as Kymberlie put it, you just *can’t* go wrong with ’80s music! There were several songs I had forgotten that they sang. The odd thing was that they didn’t sing “The Reflex” – which was their first Number 1 song ever in the USA? I can’t figure out why. Maybe someone owns the copyright to it and they are not allowed to play it? They did “Rio” and “Save a Prayer” and a bunch of other cool ones though – so it’s all good. I visited this site, and I have to add that they look so funny now as an adult! I remember been a teenager and thinking how hot they were. They look hysterical in that picture with all that make-up! Now for the trivia question of the evening … just how old IS Simon LeBon? I went to CDNow to look at the Bio there on the band. He joined the group in 1980. Hmmm… 21 years ago. No data on how old he was when he joined though… anyone know the answer? I am really curious now. WAIT!!! I found it! According to this page he was born October 27th, 1958 – which would make him 42, going on 43 later this year. Oops, sorry Simon. I guess you are not as old as we thought you were! It must have just been the lighting…

Tomorrow it is the Jo Dee Messina concert with Chelsey. She will be happy when I tell her tomorrow how much smoother the whole bus system was running tonight. We went to the opening show, Clay Walker, and the bus system was not that smooth yet. This year with all of the construction at the Astrodome complex they are making everyone take the bus to the Rodeo. I normally take the bus and don’t mind it at all. I hated having to walk forever to get to my car and then sit in stop and go traffic to even get out of the parking lot. I truly prefer getting on the bus and letting them deal with the drive. All I had to do was walk a short distance from the steps of the bus and I was at the gates! You could never park that close if you drove. But that first night none of the drivers knew where they were going – it was a bit of a mess. She swore she wasn’t going to go again this year. Now she is … just so she can go with me … awwwwwwwwww. By the way Chelsey, I am working on that list for you, just like you asked.

Want to know what really SUCKS? When you go to the bathroom at 2 in the morning and the toilet, for no reason whatsoever, decides it should overflow. ACK!!! It is at moments like these that I really wish I had a husband to help me out. It is a lot of fun standing in half an inch of water trying to get everything from gushing everywhere

Want to know what is really COOL? When complete strangers stand up and give you support. No, not with the toilet crisis of the last hour. I am on a craft list where I posted some helpful information on web design. When questioned, I posted about my experience and some of the clients that I have worked with – the ones with names that people would recognize. I then posted that I was not posting helpful information to get business – the prices at the company that I work for are normally out of their budget by a longshot. One of the women on the list posted back that my comment was arrogant. Man, that made me mad. It was so wonderful to get a lot of e-mail from people that truly cared and thanked me for my posts in the past and asked me not to leave. No worries, I am not going anywhere. I will continue to post information on what I know – because I enjoy doing it. But the more I thought about it, you know what? They are right. I started saying years ago that I am a web snob. I hate poorly designed websites. I hate people that want to sell online but don’t take the effort to design a professional site or even one that showcases their products well. I really hate sites that use the “no right-click script” because it would take me about 45 seconds to still copy the images or the code – so all they are doing is preventing me from doing “right click – open link in new window” which really annoys me. Yep, I am a web snob. I am arrogant. I have worked hard to know what I do, I am primarily self-taught, and I have been pretty successful so far in my Internet career. I am proud of my arrogant title! Web Snobs Unite!

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