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Hidden Secrets…

When we first got the Harry Potter DVD, we hunted high & low for the “not seen in theaters” scenes. Could not find them anywhere and we were absolutely frustrated. Somewhat annoying, and I have no idea what they were thinking whtn they hid them. Thank goodness they came to their senses and wrote an article for the Harry Potter Daily Prophet – Jun 1, 2002, “How to find Harry Potter Scenes Not Shown in Theaters.” Now I just have to print the instructions so we can try to view them again.

By Christine

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Hey, my wife and I spent an afternoon toying with that DVD and figured it all out – if you have any specific problems with a section just toss me an e-mail and I’ll give you the heads-up.


Could they have made it any more difficult? If I wanted to spend 6 hours looking for hidden stuff, I would be playing video games.

Ok, maybe I’m just bitter that I couldn’t find them on my own. Thanks, Christine. My kids appreciate it.

Haha, luckily I knew they were going to be hidden before I bought the DVD. It’s a fun feature for kids, but frustrating as an adult trying to use a remote control just to see a few scenes. I know I probably won’t go to the trouble to find them again unless a friend desperately wants to see them. (my review of the DVD)

We just got the DVD for the kids this weekend and I was sorely disappointed because I did not recognize anything as a “not-seen-in-theaters” kind of scene. Jeepers . . . I had no idea you had to go through such mind-bending contortions to view these things! Thanks for the post!

Jason & spent close to an hour dealing with that Diagon Alley stuff – we got in to Gringotts, but couldn’t figure out what to do at the Owl shop. I agree – just label it as “new scenes” or something – he was just as frustrated with it as I was! All we wanted were some new scenes!


Watched the scenes earlier this afternoon. The stuff that they cut out was quite interesting and actually helps the movie stay true to the book.

I wish there was more stuff…

Bless you. I might have minded less if DVD interfaces weren’t so clunky. But I always feel like I’m trying to navigate an entire web site built out of Flash Version 1.

What a CHORE! Why make stuff so hard to find? Man, I would be po’d if I was really looking forward to the bonus material and then it was buried under a 30 minute task!


Yeah – now you know how we felt when we did it! “Let’s watch the bonus material tonight!” 45 minutes later, no bonus material, and one bummed out mom & son. Now we just need to find the time to go through it this week – now that I know how to get there!

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