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How About a Ravo?

In reading one of Mena’s latest entries at, I was reminded of something I think of almost every time I listen to the radio in the car. My drive to work is only 5-6 minutes each way, so I don’t get to listen to much music in the car. A lot of times I’ll turn the car on and there will be a song on that I really like (normally tuned in to 106.9 The Point and thinking of Promo’s love of ’80s music) and the song is almost over. Don’t you hate that? I’ve become so spoiled by my Tivo, now I wish there was a Ravo! The ability to rewind the radio up to 30 minutes – that way I could listen to the whole song! Wouldn’t that be cool?

By Christine

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4 replies on “How About a Ravo?”

First, I love reading your blog. I do it every day. I have even linked you on my (rather pathetic newbie) blog.

Second, do you have a CD player in your car?

Third, if the answer to Second is yes, then do you have (and I can’t imagine you don’t) have a CD-R or CD-RW?

Fourth, if your answer to Third is yes, well then record.

Fifth, if you say, I can record but where do I get all the music, I say, check out pressplay. They have a gerat selection and reasonable price.

Sixth, I don’t know, what should be next?

Seventh, Bye!!

I have a CD-RW, and I listen to CDs all the time – so when I’m listening to a CD there isn’t an issue. It’s when I’m listening to the radio itself that I wish I could rewind it to hear a song that I really like…

I use my “ipod” to listen to songs while driving, which has arround 15,000 songs stored in it…”ipod” broadcasts songs to my car FM Radio!

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