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How Could Something so Good be so Bad?

Jennifer pointed out the other day, and it seemed so wonderful to have a music alternative for PC users. I was looking forward to the weekend and the chance to dig through the site to learn more about it and the features they offer.

Fortunately for me, although unfortunate for Jenn, they showed their true colors yesterday with downloads that don’t work, CDs that can’t be created, and customer service that just really doesn’t give a damn. Yes, yes, you can read all about it on her blog and over at ScriptyGoddess.

After all she has been through, I doubt I will ever give them so much as a dime unless they have some serious changes to how they do business and to their privacy policies. Spread the word and warn your friends!

By Christine

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The Mac guy in the Comical, who’s actually pretty good, ripped BuyMusic a new one on Friday on price and usability. He didn’t say anything about boad customer service, but I’m not surprised by that.

Don’t worry, iTunes for Windows is coming.

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