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How Many Times?

Just tell me … how many times in one episode of ER can they make me cry? I think I’m up to #5 now, and it’s not even over yet – there is still 15 minutes left in the show. More below – but be warned – spoilers!

WARNING: Spoiler! Do not read this if you don’t want to know what happened. Ok. Are we clear? Are you sure? Then go ahead…

How about that letter? WHOA. First of all, I didn’t expect it at the beginning of the show – I figured it would be at the end. Then – what it said. Even then, I didn’t expect the ending – I didn’t expect Dr. Corday’s note about Mark being dead. And I’m bummed because I really, really liked him.

I don’t like Dr. Lewis. I didn’t like her character that much 5 years ago, and she has bugged me ever since she returned this season.

Would Abby & Carter PLEASE just finally get together??? All though I did agree with Abby for biting him when he tried to take her off to AA. I agree with AA and I think it has helped tons of people – but that was not the right moment for it. Just my opinion though.

So I cried when Carter read the letter. Then I cried when Kerry was reading the letter. Then I got misty-eyed when Jing Mai (is that her name? Asian female doctor…) read the letter and when Angry Doctor (the surgeon dude, you know) read it. Then when Kerry was on the train talking about Mark, and when Abby & Carter were at the restaurant talking about him. And now while Dr. Lewis & Dr. Carter were talking about him in the break room. Wow.

You know, you always wonder how they will handle such a central character leaving – and this time I think they did it really, really well. When George Clooney & Julianna whats-her-name left, I thought that was pretty lame. This was handled much better, if you asked me.

Ok, off to watch the final 15 minutes. I needed a break from my sob-fest.

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I cried straight through the show, and balled at the end, I think hugin’s right shoulder is a little drenched. I am going to miss his character, ER is not going to be the same without him. Though I love the part when Carter took his stethoscope.

Really? I honestly turned to Todd half-way through the letter and said, “You know, I bet he dies when they get to the end of it…” And not a minute later! They lose me with those stupid “an ER to cherish” taglines though. I started singing, “Cherish is the word we use when we’re all tapped out…” and I thought Todd was going to fall off the couch laughing. 😉

I wasn’t majorly surprised that he died (though I was half thinking they would save him for the season finale), but I just sobbed at the end where the old man was dying. It was so heart-breaking and I just hope that when my time comes, there is someone there to help me not be scared. How terrible it must be to die alone.

Ehm. I’m half-ashamed to admit this, as it’s been a long time since I cried at a TV show, but Buffy had me cyring this week. Of course, this week had me remembering why I watch the show, after being disappointed for a loooong time.

“Can we just skip that?”


Sometimes ER make me cry buckets, but I was not the least bit moved by this one. They had set this up so far in advance that there was no surprise to it at all, and I thought the bit of having people react to the letter on the bulletin board was hokey. Compared to episodes like the recent one where Greene’s baby OD’d on E, or when Carter and Lucy were stabbed, this lacked punch. I’ll be next week’s show with Greene in Hawaii will be more emotional.

I missed it last night…I’m glad you had a recap! Thanks! 🙂 I cry during regular episodes of ER, I’m not sure what I would do last night if I did see it. I can’t wait until summer when the repeat it!

Well, I am a non-fan viewer of ER, but it was a pretty good ep.

I saw your post but I had to finish my commentary on my site before I came back to read yours.

Now, tell me, have you seen Amazing Race yet??

VASpider: Just wait til you see the Buffy episode slated for May 7. I saw it yesterday and you will LOVE IT. Or hate it. But either way it’ll be the most talked about episode of the season. Even moreso than “Smashed”.

I cried buckets! I wasn’t really surprised that he died, but the sentiments that letter expressed and people’s reaction to it really got to me. And when Carter took Dr. Green’s stethoscope I bawled. When he sat with the homeless man who confused him with Dr. Green I bawled. I was a mess!

I also wish Abby and Carter would hurry up and do what’s inevitable. I’m getting a little tired of being strung along.

ER always does this to me though…this episode wasn’t much different in that regard. My husband actually forced me to stop watching it when I was pregnant with my son because it got me so wound up…that and there seemed to be an awful lot of episodes with pregnant women going through one trauma or another.

Sorry for blathering on so long!

I had the same reaction as Robyn: “I bet he dies at the end of the letter.” This way, they get to have their cake (a weepy “Mark’s dead.” ep) and eat it too (a sun-drenched Hawaii “Mark dying in an Emmy-worthy way” ep).

Am I right?

I wish you would do AR comments everytime you watch it. I truly love them.

Re: ER. Rocket Romano is my favorite character. I love what an ass he is. 🙂 I cried so much during this show too. It didn’t help that my Aunt had died just an hour before this came on. Ack.

My Amazing Race commentary will be coming this weekend. After I made this post I watched the last 20 minutes of ER, and like Kymberlie I just sobbed when Carter put on Mark’s stethoscope, and then again when the old man was dieing. Then I got misty-eyed just minutes later when they showed the paper flying off the board. Awwww…

And that will be another tear-jerker next week with Mark in Hawaii with his family. I think NBC owes me for more Kleenex!

Oh, and Robyn? You are *so* right. Wasn’t the ER when Benton left an “ER to Cherish” too? I mean, come on! We can’t cherish them ALL! But no, I was thinking they would have Mark on at least one more time – which I guess they will next week – so I didn’t expect the “he’s dead” at that moment. They got me.

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