Hunker Down People, Hunker Down!

I’m so giddy while watching the news on KHOU for the election. This is going to be pretty scattered…

I giggle now every time I hear the phrase “Hunker down” thanks to the extreme overuse of it during Hurricane Ike. They just said on the news that people will be “hunkering down tonight, awaiting election results.” Uhm, no. I mean, I’ll be watching, but there will be NO hunkering down!

37% of all registered voters in Harris County voted in the early voting for this election. 37%!!! How awesome is that? It will be interesting to see how many people get out and vote across the nation this year.

Charles Kuffner will be on KHOU (channel 11) as one of the bloggers talking about the election. I’m so giddy about this! Charles is my go-to guy normally for political info – matter of fact, I’ve even called him in the past to get advice before voting for local candidates that I didn’t know as much about.

And really? You might want to just keep an eye on my Twitter stream because it seems that Twitter has eaten my blog. Eep. Sorry about that. I’m sure I’ll be posting over there through the night!

By Christine

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