Hurricane Ike…

Just a quick note from New Orleans — I haven’t been in Houston since the Thursday before Ike hit. My family & home are fine. Mike was in the Netherlands (aka The Holland) for work, and was due to return on Sunday to Houston – the day after Hurricane Ike hit. His flight was cancelled, and since I was already in New Iberia, Louisiana for a wedding, I suggested that he fly to New Orleans instead and I would meet up with him here. Jason was in Houston with my parents throughout the storm, but they had power back by Sunday night, and phone service back by Tuesday. I picked Mike up at the airport on Sunday night, and we stayed in New Orleans through today (Wednesday), and are leaving for Houston as soon as I hit publish on this post.

I’ll update more after I get back to Houston and actually see what it looks like. Meanwhile, we’ve been watching the news with what can best be summed up as stunned disbelief. We’ve always loved Galveston, and I know this has forever changed it from what it once was.

By Christine

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I can’t imagine what going through a hurricane would be like. They seem to hit every year, and the devastation they leave behind makes me wonder why people chose to live in hurricane prone areas.

I hope that you got home to a home still standing and all your memories in tact. Everything else can be rebuilt – I know that its hard to consider that in the face of all the destruction – but you have your lives, your health and your loved ones…thats a good thing, right?

Sending prayers for you all.

Rose, I really can’t say that I choose to live here – I would move away in the time it would take me to pack my computer, my cat, my photographs and my yarn stash — if it wasn’t for my husband’s job in the US headquarters of Shell. There are no other cities that are an option as long as he works there — so we’re here. For now.

Trust me, between our vacation up north this summer and Ike? We’re more than ready to move.

House is fine and everything is ok – 11 days with no power though. Fortunately, my parents have power so we’re staying here. I’ll post more of an update soon!

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