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I Can’t Stop Rolling My Eyes…

Last year in front of the Supreme Court the RIAA’s lawyers said it was perfectly legal within the realms of “Fair Use” to take your own CDs and convert the songs into mp3s to put on your own iPod. Now they are trying to say that it isn’t legal.

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If I own the CD, I should be allowed to listen to it any way that I want. Things like this make me want to listen to nothing but podcasts, podsafe music released by the artists directly, and groups that aren’t signed to big labels that release CDs of their own music. Screw the deep pockets. Down with the man!

By Christine

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Save the empire!

That sucks..And you know, I just bought a new cd last week that won’t play on either computer but works just fine in the car. I just want it on my mp3 player. Grrr..

If you aren’t sharing the songs with anyone else (which is how the record companies would usually make money), then what do they care how you listen to the CD. What does it matter if it is in a CD player or on an MP3 player?

The world is going crazy!

Hey Girl!

From one “BIG PINK COOKIE” to another … YEAH, BABY!
You, and every other music buyer, should be able to “listen to your music anyway you want.” If you bought it, you own it. Say it loud, say it proud: I’ve got the Power of Pink and I bought this CD … so back off!” *smile*


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