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I feel much more informed

I feel much more informed now that I have taken the time to read ZDNet: Mock the Vote Special Report: You Said It! I mean, every politician says something stupid at one time or another. But I hate getting those e-mails with the long list of dumb things that the candidates have said. Why assume which candidate I like or dislike? You just may be bashing the person that I think would be the perfect president. No, I am not a democrat – nor a republican. I make my decisions based on the issues and the politician’s stand on those issues. And I do that with a big grain of salt, because you know that everyone else is going to jump in and influence their decision later on when it really matters (when you are campaigning you can say *whatever* you want…). I just feel it is wise to be well educated rather then just flipping a switch because your party of choice has blessed him. As your mother used to say, “If all of your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge…”

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