I *Heart* New York…

I love, absolutely LOVE the New York tourism promo commercials. They are absolutely hysterical. Earlier I saw the one with Barbara Walters trying to sing for an audition. I love it when she says “I can do Cats!” and makes the claw motions in the air. Then the restaurant one was just on. The customer asks the waiter, “They all look so wonderful … how is the Ben Stiller?” The waiter says that it is very popular, so she says she will have the Stiller with a side of Bacon. The waiter then yells out “Stiller!” and Ben stands up. Then he yells “with Bacon!” and Kevin Bacon stands up. Fast forward, the customer is sitting, quite happily, at her table with the guys beside her and she asks the waiter “Waiter! Can I have a doggie bag?” with the most delightful pure evil grin. It just cracks me up every time I see it! Thank goodness for Tivo, I watch them a couple of extra times whenever I catch them on the air!

By Christine

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Even better is seeing them on a ginormous video screen looming over Times Square, as I did last night. I was walking back to my hotel from dinner when, suddenly, there was this seven-story Barbara Walters looming over me. I think I actually cried out.

But cute, yeah. I think I know which “side” of Bacon I’d prefer. Rowr!

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