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I just saw a commercial

I just saw a commercial on Cartoon Network for – wow. It was great. It was about a girl sitting in her regular clothes in gym class while everyone else was in the pool. She says how she isn’t swimming because she isn’t comfortable being seen in her bathing suit (hmmmm… I’ve been there!) and then she goes on to say how she started thinking what her friends at Girls Inc. would say. Then they show her with 3 friends (in bathing suits) and they ask her if she is going to sit on the sidelines throughout life. They (wisely) tell her that it doesn’t matter how she looks – it matters how she *feels*. They then show her jumping in to the pool with everyone else. It says on the site (full article there) that “Instead of going on a diet, Deidra Brown – at 5-feet-10 and 264 pounds – decided to star in and help produce a national public service announcement aimed at inspiring girls around the country to accept and appreciate their bodies – no matter what their size.” What a great message!

By Christine

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