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I lived in Germany for

I lived in Germany for 15 months, from November 1990 – February 1992. I was lucky enough to live in Bavaria, at Illesheim. We were part of the Ansbach Community. While Illesheim is tiny and there isn’t much there, I was thrilled to be only 15 minutes from the most beautiful city, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and this site has a webcam even for the town square. If you can read German, visit Bad Windsheim – offizielle Internetpräsentation Bad Windsheim was about 3km from where I lived in Germany. If I had stayed in Germany when I was pregnant, my son Jason would have been born there. Instead I returned to the states when I was 7 months pregnant, so now he has the honor of being a true Texan. Isn’t he lucky?

What did I think of Germany? I loved it. I would go back in a minute – I wouldn’t even pack! Anyone want to come with me?

By Christine

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i maybe going over there to work,how big is the base?do they have a mcdonalds or any american fast food places on son was stationed at lakenheath in london,went over to see him,but never been to germany.any info. would be greatly apperciated. thanks


I know Illesheim and Bad Windsheim! I lived there in Illesheim (Army kid, me) from 1966 to 1968. That sounds a lot more impressive than it really was…one year and two months, more or less. Nov 1996 til whenever it was 1968. Loved Bad Windsheim, and if I could go back without flying (shudder), I’d do it in an instant. Armed Forced Day was a major holiday.

I was stationed with 1/6 Inf at Illesheim from 1978-1980. I used to go to Bad Windsheim all the time. Can anyone who reads this write back and let me know if they were ever at Claires Pub during that time frame. It was in Bad Windsheim, and was frequeted by many GIs and Germans. I sometimes worked there, really!! Hope to hear from someone soon.

I lived in Bad Windsheim from 1977 – 1979. I worked at the Shopette during that timeframe also. At the time, I think I knew everyone on the post who bought beer.
I remember hearing of Claire’s but don’t recall where it was. My husband was in 123d Maintenance.

I was stationed at Illesheim from 1981-1985 with Bravo Batry 2nd 57th ADA (Air Defense Artillery) My oldest child was born in Nurenburg and I met my ex-wife when she was stationed in the same unit.
Although the IHAWK systems are no longer there I have pleasent memories of that time in my life. I have fond memories of the pizzaria in the EM club and also the resturant outside the gate that was run by a retired tanker and his german wife. Man was the food great!

Illesheim, from Dec 1970 to Jan 1972. A Co., 2nd Bn., 51st Inf. as a mechanic mostly on M-113A1’s. We frequented the “Green Tree” gasthaus in Bad Windsheim. It was located across from a church on Seegasse, just around the corner from the much photographed statue. There was also a “disco” we went to that I don’t know the name of. “Foosball” was big!

I lived in the Illesheim area from 1990 to 1996.
Claire’s, That does sound familiar. I will have to ask some of my friends. It is interesting that people talk about little Illesheim. I was there in April 2007 for my son’s confirmation. I have 2 boys living in Bad Windsheim. Over the years things have changed and I love going there to visit. Email me at saucer318@hotmail if you have any info or questions.

Hey!!! Some of my best time in the Army was Illesheim 1/6 Inf that moved later. Boy I remember that pizzeria I lived in (A) building and could walk right off base to it down outside the gate. My boy was born in Bad Windsheim and I met some of the nicest German friends a soldier could ever be bless to met was there 1982 til 1985.

I was in Illishiem 78 – 80, 2/57 ADA. I went to Claires every other noght for 24 months, knew clair, her daughter Rosie and her husband Charlie … I spent $22,000 dollars in 28 months, 14 days at that post …..

I lived in Frankfurt am Main from 1985 till 1991.
I spent the most impressive time of my young years in Hessen. So many memories. I had to go back to my country. But after 16 years i returned to Germany, this time to Berlin. Amazing City. I have no words to describe what Berlin means. Freedom, Culture, Tolerance, Activities, Not expensive at all. Berlin is a City to live in. I am not in Berlin now. But i wish to return there soon.

Manuel Porras

i was station at Illeshiem nov 1981 to may 83. i was with e co 123rd mt. armament platoon.. lotta guys from 1/6 and 1/13 probably remember me,, i was a tow specialist. loved it there. the people in bad windshiem always treated me well. went back again in 1995, got a real surprise when charlie the bartender at Claires Pub set me up a Kiliani alt windshiemer with out even asking me what i wanted. Momma Claire called up a bunch of my old friends at her old bar uptown, hard to believe they all actually remembered me after 12 yrs. i”d go back in a heart beat. Charlie down at Claires Pub also told me i may have a daughter there in Bad Windshiem, but i looked for her while i was there for the next month or so, no luck.I was supposed to get extended and stay there for another year in apr 1983 but that fell through and i never saw the girl i was dating again before i had to leave. got sent to planet irwin in cali,, got out after they wouldn’t send me back to germany in 84. damn mos lock

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