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I love my horoscope for

I love my horoscope for today… (From Infospace)
There’s no reason to think about anything other than your next immediate step, Libra. If trying to contemplate what the future holds bothers you, forget about it for a while. As the Moon drifts slowly into a new Sign, your best protection is the visible attitude that you can take care of yourself. Anyone who thinks that you owe an explanation had better tell you why. In your world right now, the only higher power you have to answer to is your own conscience.

Wow. With all the IO stuff going on – it’s too perfect. It actually goes pretty well with what I told Naomi over lunch. (Original Pasta Company … tasty) I have to go on living my life. I refuse to fret over what on earth he plans on doing – because I can’t do a thing about it, and when I worry I tend to only make things worse for everyone. I know he cares about me (and I care about him) – we have had significant roles in each other’s lives for 8 years. But we both have to decide if we should stay or move on. But for now, all I will worry about is the next immediate step. Forget about worrying about the future, let others see my attitude that “I can take care of myself”. That is definately the best approach. He will either appreciate me or it won’t matter because I will be strong with that attitude. It’s a win-win approach. Either way, I have to do what’s best for me. I am in a great mood today because I haven’t been *worrying* about things. Thinking about them – but that is just different. I am happy. (Nice break after the stress of the past 2 weeks!)

This webcam thing is soooo fun. I know, I know, easily amused. It’s a quirk. Or a perk. Depends on how you look at it. LOL

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