I Missed the White, and I’m Feeling the Love…

I missed the plain, simple white design of fabulousness by Derek Powazek. So I switched back. The other one was pretty and colorful, but this one just feels like a better gathering of all my web stuff in one place.

I’m going back to blogging here when I post photos on the wedding photography and the boudoir photography site as well.

Speaking of changes … have you seen Proposal 2.0? All about the schmoopy love, The Boy is proposing online to MommiePie. I discovered all of it thanks to The Bloggess.

Wait! Wait! Breaking news! In the time it took me to start writing this post, MommiePie *found* the proposal. Her response?


I really should be leaving some hugely profound comment here, knowing this post will be recorded and kept forever, but all I can come up with is …




If I could get the letters any bigger I would! If there were audio, you’d hear me laughing.
If there were video, you’d see me smiling from ear to ear.

I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU Dave.

Yep. Soulmate.


I was going to link to what I posted when Mike & I got engaged — but I can’t find it online! I can’t believe I didn’t actually blog about it. I’m stunned! He took me back to Kavah Kane’s, where we first met thanks to an H-Town Blogs event that he organized, which I cancelled everything else to go to because Pixeldiva Ann had been asking me for at least a year while he lived in London and came back to Houston to visit if I had actually met him yet. (That might be the longest run-on sentence ever.) Anyways … he took me back to the place where we met on New Year’s Eve, after coordinating it all with Jason while I was at work that day. He got down on one knee, and said words I don’t remember but were really sweet and had to do with spending our lives together. I said yes. The rest is history!

Ah, sweet love…

Samantha & Ben's Mr & Mrs Session
Samantha & Ben’s Mr & Mrs Session – one of my recent client shoots. You can just feel the love when they are around!

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