I Need a Change…

With everyone else changing things, I want a change too. I want a new identity online. I’ve been tired of being “blah” for over a year. But I can’t decide what to do – which domain name to use. So here is your chance to be heard! Come on, tell me what I should do…

1. – when it gets right down to it, everyone likes a big pink cookie. It started because Kymberlie & I went to Starbucks yesterday and they had pink cookies, and the sign actually said “Big Pink Cookie” and it amused me. Yes, I could handle being the big pink cookie.
2. – I already have the domain name and it’s basically unused. I registered it and thought I would make graphics to give away someday. HA! As if. It will never happen. Since I’m not using it, I could start. And the photos are at … so they sort of tie together. But I’m not sure if I care that much that they tie together. Hmmm…
3. Just move everything to Noah Grey combines all his stuff in to one site, I could too.
4. Leave good enough alone and leave it at – I mean, my blogdex ranking is 232. I’m on the same page as PayPal & the Red Cross. Good God, Noah Grey is just above me. Jason Kottke is at the top of the page. How did THAT happen??? I had no clue!
5. The “motto” of this site has always been “To Make a Short Story Long…” I could change the URL to – but that’s a lot to say to someone when they say, “What’s the name of your site?” Yes, this is something to consider. I absolutely hated saying “Blah Blah Blog” to people when I was at SXSW.
6. Think of a different domain. Any suggestions?

I’m a Libra. I’m indecisive. It’s your chance to tell me what you think about a new name. Come on, talk to me baby…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Personally, I like the shortstorylong idea, but I also agree that it’s a bit long to say to people. Of course, I’ve always had a dislike for the word “blog” so I’m all for you trying something new 😉 Big Pink Cookie isn’t bad, but there would be certain design decisions I would almost expect when visiting such a site. Also, visitors that don’t already know you may tend to expect something along the lines of cookies (either the edible or technical ones) in your content. If you really like the bigpinkcookie idea, maybe you should sleep on it for a few days and decide 🙂 Of course, I’m always one to put a LOT of decision into something that’s not really necessary (for example, deliberating 3 or 4 days on my new personal domain 😉 Ah well, no matter what the name, I’ll still come back for the content 🙂

i like bigpinkcookie, too! when i went to the first H-Town blogs get-together, when i introduced myself, i was like “hi, I’m Kathy from the Waterlily blog” and all i got were dumb stares and then they went back to their convos. i want a new domain, too… i’ve had since last year and it’ll be a year in a few months. i want a silly domain… something that someone will say, “oh, you’re that person!”

so, vote me in for 🙂

I think you should stay with If you’re yearning for a change, I really doubt a simple switch of the domain name is going to fix that desire. People already know blahblahblog – people have it on the brain.. no sense in changing it.

Ultimately it’s all about the content, not really the domain name. 🙂

You know where my brain is at when I see “big pink cookie” and automatically think “porn site”. ;-p But I, of all people, understand the need for change. Blogdex rating, schmogdex rating though. I don’t blog for that. I blog for me. 😉

I did it all for the cookie, the cookie the cookie, the big pink cookie.

[snicker, snicker, yeah I’ll take a taste a that there cookie…]

Sorry, my inner child gets the better of me sometimes!

Heh. Thank god I wasn’t the only one with the dirty mind reading Big Pink Cookie. I’ll be your Cookie Monster, baby. 😉

I say keep looking. The same way B.P.C. popped out at you, other names will too. You want a new name that will last you at least as long as BlahBlah did.

I love bigpinkcookie, because we have an old family recipe for those (they’re really big and really pink and really great).

Could it be that you just need to redesign? blahblahblog is one of the few blog names that uses the word “blog” effectively!

I have to agree with Brian, don’t ruin a good thing, I love blahblahblog, but sure BPC sounds great fun… and, in that vein why not register it and, do exactly that, something out there and fun?

I guess we’re not helping? 😉

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