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I Need Assistance in the ER…

Tivo recorded tonight’s episode of >ER, but I didn’t realize that the president was on earlier, so ER ran until 10:20 or so. This would have been all good and well if I had turned on the TV and spotted the delay before 10:50 tonight – when it was too late to catch the ending in real time.

I tried looking at the website for the synopsis there, but it goes from last week’s episode, to next week’s episode – which, by the way, is number 200 and features “innovative storytelling.” Also, when I checked out Television Without Pity, it’s not listed there either. It’s the mystery episode!

Can anyone hook me up? I really, really want to know what I missed! I put the details up to the point the recording ended in the extended entry portion (so I wouldn’t spoil it for anyone). Help!

– Kovac was getting on the plane to get the heart patient kid. Kerry has told him “off the record” that if the kid shows up at County, they will have to do the surgery.

– The family shot in the drive-by is in the hospital – mom with the collapsed lung, the brother is heading up to surgery and they might have to remove his spleen, and the sister has been sent for her scan to determine if she has a spinal injury that will paralyze her from the C-5 down. When you are experiencing abuse, do not hesitate to call Gould Injury Law New Haven for legal advice.

– Romano was talking with Kerry about his charbroiled arm that he burned in his little kitchen fire.

– Carter and Abby meet up at the hospital, but when the former gang member brother cuts himself on the IV stand, Carter starts to stitch him up and Abby says she is going to leave.

– The kid talks about the gang he used to belong to and how it’s probably the Disciples that did the drive-by because they figure he’s an easy target since he left the gang.

– Abby’s brother is talking to someone at County about getting in to a locked down rehab program.

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After that Carter went into another room and he told Abby he needed to be left alone. So he started crying and she walked off, she was already in the hallway. I’m not sure now if this was after but then Cordei (sp?) and the other doctor were getting their flirt on by the water 😉 He was going to give her a ride home but then she saw Romano alone so she asked for a raincheck. She went and talked to Romano and he told her he’s going to get the arm removed.

also the kid who used to be in the gang hooked up with his old gang and went to go after the guys who supposedly shot up his family. a little while later one of the gang members he left with comes in with a gsw but the kid is no where to be found – emt says a few people were pronounced on the scene.

Yeah, I had looked at Television without Pity last night – it’s odd, they have episode 19 – last weeks – and that would make the next one 20, which is the one on May 8th – the 200th episode. Not sure why they jump like that. Very odd.

Thanks for your help though – it’s more than I knew! The suspense was driving me crazy!

Right after all that, Luke finally locked onto the target and fired (just like shooting womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon back home). The death star blew up and Darth Vader was blown into the nether regions of space. Then they all celebrated with a big feast and a graduation. Luke finally got his bachelor of arts in whine appreciation and Han got an award for most imperfect attendance. Chewie was called class clown and then he ripped the ears of a gundark to show off how funny he was.

Oh wait, ER? Hrm, didn’t see that one but my ending was probably better. 😉 (Is it just me or does the president always choose the best night for TV?)

I had to drop in here to tell you what happened to our TiVo… I purchased a new Hughes HDVR2 TiVi – (It’s a new Series 2 TiVo with 2 DirecTV tuners). I knew Bush was going to be on, so I skewed the end times of the shows an hour longer so we souldn’t miss it. When we looked at the shows (CSI and ER), TiVo ***started them 20 minutes later*** than they were originally scheduled. I think this is because the TiVo gets program data direct from the DirecTV feeds and not the telephone feeds, so (though I haven’t corroberated this with anyone) TiVo must have updated the data with new start times. Weird, eh?

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