I Should Have Warned Him…

Sorry Jay, I should have warned you. The Germans don’t eat at restaurants that serve German food. The town I lived in had 2 Italian restaurants, and no German ones. I took my parents to a restaurant in Ansbach, a much larger city, and we had to search for a restaurant that had some German food on the menu. I ate pizza there. Finally in Nurnberg we were able to find one with lots of wurst and struedel on the menu, and there were actually a few Germans eating there. Irony, huh? But I am so happy to see that you made it to Germany! (Although Frankfurt wasn’t the most exciting of cities. Very modern, and I like the old stuff!)

By Christine

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I was actually *shocked* when I went to Prague and Germany that the Italian food was pretty decent and the pizza good as well…I just had flashbacks of *EWWW* italian food in England 🙂

Two days in Frankfurt…
Two meals of pizza.

Today in the hostel, two Americans asked the hostellier where they could find some German food. I laughed, only partially to myself.

She said, “There are not many because we don’t really eat German food. We eat a lot of Turkish food”

So when in Rome…

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