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I Think I’m Turning Japanese…

The Japanese Facemarks (smileys) are very amusing and something I know Jennifer can use with all her Japanese focused freelance projects! I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so…

This one … \(^o\)(/o^)/ … has to be my favorite! [via Textism]

By Christine

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11 replies on “I Think I’m Turning Japanese…”

That link seems to be making its way around now – I saw it last week or so at Gwen’s blog, and the topic has popped up a few other places. I’m sure everybody in Japan is laughing at us – what’s the fuss all about? They’ve been using them for ages! Or something to that effect.

i am trying to remember the name of the band that recorded “I think i am turning japanese.” i was wondering if you could help me out. my co-workers and i have been racking our brains over this. pretty silly huh, but any info would be appreciated. thanks.


the presidents of the USA also recorded Turning Japanese (punkrock cover) its quite good, if you like the original you should check this out (also check their video killed the radiostar cover)

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