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I Wanna Be a Star!

On Monday, as I drove in to downtown, I noticed that there was a flag man in the parking lot next to Minute Maid Park. This lot is far from any of the downtown office buildings, and there couldn’t have been a game that early in the morning, so it seemed really odd.

Tuesday morning as I drove in, I noticed a police car over by one of the stadium entrances. There seemed to be a line of people there too. Strange – too late in the season for people to be lining up for jobs at the park or something like that. Not that people would line up to work there, but I couldn’t think of a better reason.

Yesterday morning, I finally found out what was going on. It seems that we are one of the cities hosting American Idol tryouts. 1500 tried out, 400 got call backs yesterday, but only a handful will make the final cut.

I don’t know if I could ever do it. Even though the tryouts were only 30 seconds long, it would take me longer than that to get over my nerves, and even then … I couldn’t do it. Doesn’t matter though – I also found out that the tryouts are limited to 18 – 24 year olds. What?! You mean, at almost 34, I can’t be an American Idol? I think that’s just outrageous. Why do they limit it to people so young? Something about that really bothers me, and I can’t quite figure out why…

By Christine

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I could never do that. I would probably pass out from the stress of it all. LOL My 15 year old wants to try out though if it is still around when she is old enough. The age restriction irritates me too. All about marketing I guess. 🙁

I’d heard that there was an “older” (as in, thirty-something, egads!) guy who was suing American Idol over age discrimination – looks like he must have lost the case since they still have that rule. Or he settled for a load of cash, who knows.

I’m feeling decidedly mature these days, as teenagers have begun calling me “ma’am” and apologizing for using swear words in my presence. Them young’uns don’t know nuthin! They can have their silly little singing contest, harrumph.

The age limit is so they can make sure to own the person’s soul for a lot longer. 😉 No, I think it’s because they want the winner to “appeal” to the younger generation – the people that still watch MTV almost religiously. It’s kinda rude, but oh well…

Thats silly. I think its more fun to see someone older try for there dreams. Someone who set aside a chance of a career to have a family and now gets there chance. Someone who would really appreciate the opportunity and has some soul in their songs.

i dunno im 15 and would have wanted to try out but i realize that im too young maybe 16 would be a reasonable age with parents consent to have this and maybe 40 as a cut of but i se they wouldnt really wnat older people to be in it because people are more intersted in the youger generations and they have more working time

i didn’t no it was only for 18-24! well accually they must have made it younger becuz there were like 4 17 year oldss that made the first cut this year and Last year, 1 16 year old made it through (Camile) and She made it to the Finals! but maybe the 1st seasen was 18-24, I really don’t no!

i am 14 and i just found out that you can’t try out for american idol or american juniors if you’re 14-15. what’s up with that? aren’t we important too?

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